Alhajj Md. Sanowar Hossain


As the chairman of Haji Abul Hosaain Memorial Trust it is a pleasure to welcome all students and admission candidates to Haji Abul Hossain Institute of Technology (HABHIT). HABHIT trust in students undiscovered abilities and explore, to introduce students to themselves.
We are in the era of globalization and the globalization in the sense of economy, education and other aspects. The system is changing and merging with the information superhighway. The demand of education has been changing with the aspect of global economy and adoption of new technology.

HABHIT sailed its journey with a vision to develop and nurture talent with modern knowledge. Haji Abul Hossain Institute of Technology (HABHIT) is dedicated to utilizing the latest technologies in its efforts to bring the best possible education to students all over the country. Students are provided guidance and counseling service for proper selection of courses and completion of the program in the best possible manner.
I do look forward to welcoming you at HABHIT to experience the unique learning & sociable environment.
Best Wishes

Alhajj Md. Sanowar Hossain, MP Tangail-5 (Sadar)
Haji Abul Hossain Trust.