Diploma In Laboratory Medicine(Pathology)

Medical diagnosis is essential for the proper treatment of a patient. Pathology technologist play vital role to diagnosis diseases. Still the number of efficient pathology technologists is not sufficient in our country. HABHIT is working relentlessly to produce efficient technologists. Students passed from this Institute are working at various reputed organizations in home and abroad.

Pathology is generally the study of disease, and pathologists are medical doctors who specialize in studying disease, rather than directly treating and interacting with patients.

Laboratory Science is the field where the challenges of medicine meet the complexities of science. Medical laboratory professionals can be found working in a number of different settings from doctor's offices to hospitals, research labs to public health centers. It is a growing field and offers a wide range of employment opportunities in the areas of clinical analysis, public health, industry, higher education, health care administration, and research. Medical Laboratory Scientists play a pivotal role in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases as they work in the laboratory side of the fast paced medical world doing testing of tissue, blood, urine and other body fluid samples.

Career Opportunities:

  • After successful completion of the course student can work under any public/ private college, public and private health technology institution
  • Assistant as a sergeant in any private clinic
  • Job opportunity in abroad