Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

The BBA Program aims at enabling students to acquire and practice state-of-the-art business and management knowledge and skills, thereby helping them become outstanding business leaders in the highly dynamic global environment of the 21st century. The program prepares students for entry-level managerial positions and will equip them with knowledge and skills such that they will be able to advance to executive and senior positions in any organization. The program concentrates on Accounting, Finance, Banking and Insurance, Marketing, E-business, Human Resource Management, Computer Information Management, and Entrepreneurship. These specializations will enable graduates to seek jobs in functional areas, such as marketing, finance, human resources and operations of organizations or in specific activities like accounting, information system and e-business, or to pursue a business career as an entrepreneur.

Program Learning Outcomes:

  • Apply ethical and legal principles to a business environment
  • Demonstrate skills and knowledge in the areas of business math, economics, accounting, finance, and operations management needed to make sound business decisions
  • Apply knowledge in the fields of management, information systems, and marketing to different business environments
  • Apply the knowledge acquired in the program for the analysis of strengths, weaknesses, and potential improvements in a business
  • Demonstrate written, presentation and research skills expected of a business-school graduate
  • Develop a global business perspective based on the knowledge of foreign business environments and cultures

Career Options after BBA:

  • Chartered Accountant
  • Entrepreneurship (Start-Up)
  • Civil Services
  • Defense Services
  • Become a Teacher
  • Pursue Non-Professional Courses
  • Banks
  • Professional Organizations and MNC’s
  • Marketing organizations
  • Logistics Companies
  • E-commerce organizations
  • Data analysis Organization
  • Consulting Firms
  • Finance and Investment Firms