Computer Technology

Emerging trends such as Internet of Things (IOT), Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Smart Manufacturing are set to impact Bangladesh socially and economically. This will give rise to a great demand for computer engineers. To meet this demand, our Computer Engineering course aims to equip with knowledge and skills in areas such as microcontroller-based embedded systems to make things smart, computer networking for wired and wireless connectivity, and internet technology. Students will be empowered to create web and mobile applications and perform system integration to put together solutions.

Such a multi-disciplinary, winning combination of electronics and computer science prepares you to be amongst the few who are fully proficient in hardware, software and integration of hardware and software systems, to become total solution providers who are much sought after across various industry sectors.

This course you will also be equipped with skills to learn “how to learn” to prepare to stay relevant and quickly adapt to change in this era of disruptive technologies.