HSC (Business Management)

HSC (Business Management) is offered by Bangladesh Technical Education Board Dhaka. This Course similar to General Education Board HSC Business Education. fields of Computer Operation. The objective was to meet the demand of skill technical personnel for the growing industrialization of the country as well as to make opportunities of getting jobs in the international market for earning foreign currency. The Institute has been able to accomplish much of these intents and constantly strives to make the procedures more effective.

Scope for higher education:

After Passing HSC Business Management student can get admission BBA/BSS/ACCA/LAW & Other subject study in Public and Private University in Bangladesh.

Scope for better result:

  • HSC business management comprises two years of studies. The board conducts 1st year & 2nd year examinations separately and combines 1st year & 2nd year results to offer final CGPA. Logically students get better CGPA
  • College sends 40% mark for Mid Term/Class test & attendance to the board. Board conducts final exam for 60% mark, and publishes final result combining 40% marks send by the college & board final exam marks of 60%. Naturally students get very good CGPA. This will help the students get admission in higher studies leading to degree courses

Scope for job:

HSC Business Management includes job experience training in Practical field with subject related organization. So he/she can get job very easily